Autoclave Hire

Autoclave Hire – another great ProMedCo solution

Hiring an autoclave is a unique way to obtain quality equipment at an affordable price, either for short or long term periods. Hiring offers flexibility to meet the demands of your business.

We offer a wide variety of autoclaves to suit your needs and offer a variety of convenient payment options.
Sizes available include 8L, 12L, 18L and 22L and can be hired on for casual or contracted periods.

Casual Rentals:

Autoclaves $150.00 per week

12 / 24 month Contract Rentals:
Autoclaves $110.00 per week



Do I have to pay a security deposit if renting a autoclave?
Yes, ProMedCo rental agreements require a security deposit of $500 on Autoclaves. The security deposit needs to be paid and received by ProMedCo prior to shipment of the autoclave.

Is there a cooling–off period?
Yes, to ensure the autoclave is right for your situation we extend a 30 day cooling-off period from the time the rental contract commences. If you should decide to cancel in that period, you will need to return the autoclave and you will be invoiced at the month-by- month contract rate. After the 30-day cooling off period expires you are bound by the terms of the contract.

What if I decide to return the autoclave before the rental term is up?
If you signed a 12month or 24month contract and for some reason your situation changes or you do not need the autoclave, it can be returned to us. You will need to provide at least 30day’s notice and have paid for a minimum contract period of 3 months. If you return an autoclave early, you will only be billed from the time the autoclave left our facility to the time it was returned, however this will be adjusted to reflect the applicable month-by-month contract rate.

What if I want to keep the autoclave longer than the initial rental agreement term?
After the initial rental period we can renegotiate the rental agreement with you.

What if I sign a 12month contract and want to keep the autoclave for an additional month or two?
When you select a 12month rental term you will receive a rental discount. If you elect to keep the autoclave longer than the contracted term you will continue to receive the rental discount.  The rental agreement automatically continues, on a month-to-month basis, until you decide to re-contract or return the autoclave.

Who is responsible for cleaning the autoclave at the end of the rental term?
The customer is responsible for the thorough cleaning of the rental autoclave prior to returning it to ProMedCo. Where the autoclave is returned without being satisfactorily cleaned, the customer will be subject to a cleaning charge, which will be deducted from their security deposit.

What if I want to purchase the autoclave I’m renting?
ProMedCo’s rental autoclaves are available for sale. On request a residual value will be determined by ProMedCo and the autoclave can then be purchased out-right.



What happens if my rental autoclave breaks down?
The ProMedCo rental program ensures your peace of mind in knowing that your maintenance costs are covered.  By renting, rather than purchasing, potentially expensive component failures will not cost you money. As manufacturers we carry extensive spare parts for our autoclaves, and we will supply the needed component to get you up and running again fast or send you a new autoclave. However, where it is determined that component failure was due to misuse or any cause other than normal wear and tear, you will be responsible for the cost of repair.



How will I be invoiced for the first month?
The billing cycle starts on the date the autoclave is shipped from the ProMedCo facilities. All billing is paid in advance. The billing period ends on the day the autoclave is received back at ProMedCo’s facilities.

How often will I receive an invoice for rental?
As per your contracted rental payment arrangement. Typically, we offer a weekly or monthly payment option.

Can I have my rental automatically charged to my credit card?
Yes, with your signed permission, we will automatically bill your nominated credit card for your rental. An invoice and credit card receipt will be e-mailed each billing cycle as a confirmation of the charge.

Who pays for shipping the autoclave back to ProMedCo at the end of the rental term?
You are responsible for the return freight charges for the autoclave from your facility to ProMedCo. We would be happy to assist with the shipping arrangements and make suggestions regarding the most economical and best methods of transportation.

Are there any additional charges when I return the autoclave?
ProMedCo tests and inspects and electrically certifies all autoclaves prior to shipping to a rental customer. When an autoclave is returned, it is inspected and tested. The autoclave is serviced and any items that require replacing due to normal use are replaced at no charge. Items that are broken or damaged due to misuse are deducted from the security deposit or charged back to the customer where the cost is greater than the security deposit.


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