Autoclave Validation


Beauty Industry
Medical / Dental Practices

ProMedCo Service Division validate all brands of autoclaves and will ensure your practices’ autoclave is running safely and is compliant with all relevant Australian Standards. Annual validation is a legal requirement for autoclaves used in skin penetration industries.

Our prices for the Calibration/Validation includes GST, labour charges call out fees along with certificates, and stickers, chemical indicators, biological indicators. Door seals and filters will be quoted separately if required.

Annual Validation includes:

  • The running of 3 consecutive cycles Biological/Chemical/Probes
  • Our Technician will leave you with a postage paid padded envelope for the return of the biological indicators to our lab for final testing.
  • Filters and door seal integrity checks undertaken.
  • You will be provided with a Validation Certificate
  • All testing is carried out in accordance with AS/NZ Standards 4815:2006 & 4187:2014
  • A sticker will be affixed to your Autoclave recording the date of the validation. We will follow up with you approximately 12 months from that date to re-book your validation to ensure your practice stays current with its requirements.
  • A comprehensive written report including photos / printouts is available on request for an additional $99
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