Extraoral Dental Suction System


Essential protection for you, your team and your patients

The Extraoral Dental Suction System removes 99.995% of contaminants including droplets, aerosols, virus, blood and dust.

During treatment high volumes of droplets and aerosols are produced by high-speed handpieces and ultrasonic scalers placing staff and patients at a high risk of infection.  The Extraoral Dental Suction System removes these droplets and aerosols thereby reducing the risk of infection and keeping the air in the surgery clean.


Mode: SP1000

Voltage: AC220W/50Hz

Power: 1200W

Maximum Suction Power: 10Kpa (10 levels of adjustment)

Maximum Volume: 3000L/Min

3 Layers HEPA Filtration System

Noise Decibel: 58db

Unit Size: 27.5cm x 27.5cm x 98cm

Weight: 30kg

Extraoral Suction Brochure


Extraoral Dental Suction System – 2 Years

UV Light – 1 Year