Every day a vacuum cycle must be undertaken successfully followed by a helix or B&D test.

Absolutely YES!  A printed report is provided for each load which should be affixed to your Sterilisation Log Book where you can keep a full and accurate record of each item you sterilise.  There is also a USB port on the autoclave for soft copy.

Every 12 months or early if major components are replaced

If you sterilise hollow equipment you must use a Helix PCD (Process Challenging Device) prior to running your daily cycles and after you’ve run a Vacuum Test.

If you sterilise wrapped instruments you must use a B&D test pack prior to running your daily cycles and after you’ve run a Vacuum test.


Class 1: On outside or inside of packs in every load

Class 4,5 & 6:      Optional however highly recommended

If there is no cycle printout class 5 or 6 chemical indicators must be used in each pack and/or  each load.

All solid instruments should first be scrubbed and then placed in an ultrasonic cleaner for approximately 15 minutes.  Hand washing of instruments is permissible but not recommended.

Place sealed pouches flat on the tray or in a rack.  If laying flat ensure the paper side is down. Never overlap pouches or let them touch the side of the autoclave.

NO!  Use a lint free cloth or disposable low-lint cloth.  Items should not be dried in ambient air.


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